# Access Control

In the ACL page of Authentication & ACL menu on the left, access control information can be viewed, and the corresponding access control information can be viewed by switching the three granularity at the top.


# Add ACL Information

Fill in the client id, topic, allow/deny, pub/sub/pubsub, and then click Add.

You can use the following placeholders in your topic and EMQX Cloud will be automatically populated with client information when requested.

  • %u:Username
  • %c:Client ID


Same process for Username and All Users.

# Batch Add ACL Information

ACL information can be imported in bulk through CSV files.

All Users are not supported

  1. Download the template

  2. Fill in the ACL information and submit the file

    The sample template file for username is shown below:


    The sample template file for clientid is shown below:


  3. Click import button


# Delete ACL Information

Click the delete button to the right of the ACL information to delete the ACL information.