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Access Control

Access control pertains to controlling permissions for publish (PUBLISH) and subscribe (SUBSCRIBE) operations, which can be implemented at three levels:

  1. Client ID
  2. Username
  3. All users: controls permissions for topics without distinguishing between client ID and username.


  • Access control uses a blacklist mode by default, ACL matching order is: All Users -> User/Client.
  • The combination of clientid/username + topic is unique, which means that only the latest record for the same clientid/username + topic is considered valid.

View Access Control Policy

Click Authentication & ACL -> ACL on the left navigation menu. You can switch between the three levels to view corresponding access control policy.


Add Access Control Policy

For example to add an access control policy for certain clients, you can follow the steps below:

On the Client ID tab, click + Add, fill in the Client ID, Topic, select the action for this target user (Publish, Subscribe, or Publish & Subscribe), then add Permission (Allow or Deny), and then click Confirm to complete the addition.

Placeholders can be used in topics to support dynamic themes. The supported placeholders are as follows:

  • ${clientid}
  • ${username}

Placeholders can be used as topic segments, like a/b/${username}/c/d.


The above steps also apply to the Username and All Users tab.

Delete Access Control Policy

To delete access control information, simply click the delete icon on the right-hand side of the access control policy.