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BYOC Operation and Maintenance Service

When choosing BYOC deployment, the EMQX team provides 24/7 monitoring and operations support for your deployment. Here is a specific list of services:

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerting

EMQX Cloud BYOC offers real-time monitoring and alerting to track system performance, resource utilization, and service availability to ensure your deployment is in good status.

By monitoring key metrics and performance parameters, the operation team promptly detects any abnormalities and sends alert notifications to help you respond quickly and resolve issues, ensuring system stability and reliability. You can also configure custom alert notifications using various rule-based triggers.

Event Management and Support

The EMQX operation and maintenance team will notify affected customers of events and incidents via email. Our team has a comprehensive event management and support mechanism to handle various operational events and incidents. By establishing event management processes and proactive response mechanisms, we promptly address and resolve issues to ensure the system's normal operation and minimize user impact.

Additionally, our professional support team provides technical assistance and troubleshooting to help you resolve any operational problems.

Change Management

We emphasize change management in daily operations to ensure system stability during the change process. Through a strict change management process, including change assessment, testing, and verification, we ensure that each change undergoes thorough testing and validation, minimizing change-related risks and maintaining system stability.

Backup and Recovery

We have a tested disaster recovery plan in place to restore services in the event of a catastrophic failure.

EMQX Cloud BYOC automatically backs up the EMQX cluster configuration every 8 hours and supports backups to third-party object storage. This ensures that in the event of an incident, you can roll back to the previous version using backup data.

Patch Management and Upgrades

The EMQX operation and maintenance team regularly scans for vulnerabilities and fixes errors, typically releasing patches in minor version updates. The severity of vulnerabilities is assessed by the EMQX team. If necessary, software upgrades will be arranged.

Furthermore, periodic upgrades of major system versions are conducted to introduce new features and optimizations. Typically, EMQX Enterprise Edition provides an 18-month maintenance period for major versions, and EMQX Cloud regularly evaluates and upgrades EMQX Enterprise Edition versions in the cluster.

Before each maintenance window, we will notify affected customers in advance.

Capacity Planning and Scalability

We assist our customers in identifying scaling needs by monitoring changes in system loads and informing you of new scaling plans. You can also submit a ticket to proactively initiate scaling requests.

User Support and Communication

We provide users with a help center and support system to facilitate the submission of questions, issue reports, and feedback. Customers can submit tickets in the EMQX Cloud console, and our team will promptly process them based on their priority.

We have established efficient communication channels with our customers and regularly provide updates and notifications. Typically, our customer success team informs users via email before the update window.

Service Evaluation

The EMQX operation and maintenance team conducts regular service evaluations to ensure service quality and customer satisfaction. By collecting user feedback, and conducting customer satisfaction surveys and assessments, we continuously improve service quality and enhance the user experience. We also maintain close communication with customers to address issues and requirements promptly, meeting their business needs and expectations.