# Create a New Deployment

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a new EMQX Cloud deployment. To learn how to delete an existing EMQX Cloud deployment, please refer to Delete Deployment.

# Limitation

# Create Deployment

  1. Log in to your account and navigate to EMQX Cloud Console (opens new window).
  2. Click the New button in the upper right corner to enter the deployment price estimation page.
  3. Choose the deployment of the corresponding specifications according to your needs.
    • Choose cloud platform: EMQX Cloud temporarily supports AWS, Azure and GCP. If you have other cloud service provider requirements, you can submit a ticket or email (cloud-support@emqx.io) ) us.
    • Select region. If you have other regional requirements, you can submit tickets or contact us via email (cloud-support@emqx.io).
    • Select the maximum number of connections: For the maximum number of client connections allowed, you can increase or decrease the maximum number of connections through Upgrade Deployment Specifications later.
    • Select peak value of TPS: the total number of messages sent and received per second of deployment. You can increase and decrease the message upstream and downstream TPS through Upgrade Deployment Specifications later.
  4. Check the deployment information in the Confirm page.
  5. Click Next and agree to the EMQX Cloud Terms of Service. You will be redirected to the console deployment details page.
  6. Wait 5 ~ 10 minutes until the deployment status is running.
  7. You can go to Connect to Deployment to see more ways to connect to deployment.


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