# Introduction

The deployment is an EMQX cluster managed by the EMQX Cloud

# Price Estimation

View EMQX Cloud supported cloud service providers, regions, and different size deployments hourly pricing.

# Create a New Deployment

Step-by-step guide for creating a new EMQX Cloud deployment.

# Deployment

View and manage all the deployments that you create.

# Deployment Overview

View the deployment connection address, port and status.

# Authentication & ACL

Add and import MQTT authentication and ACL information.

# Data Integrations

Flow device or client data to the database and elsewhere by adding rules and resources.

# Monitor

View the deployment device or client connection information, subscription status.

# Metrics

View metrics such as deployment history connections, messages, package, etc.

# Logs

View the logs generated by the deployment.

# Alerts

Timely access to alarm information through configuring email and other methods.

# Security features and settings

# TLS/SSL Configure

The professional plan allows you to customize both one-way and two-way TLS/SSL connections.

# VPC peering connections setting

Enables internal and external communication between deployments and your business machines by creating peer connections for the professional plan.

# NAT Gateway settings

Enable the deployment to access public network resources by creating NAT gateways for the professiional plan.

# Scaling deployment specifications

Upgrade or reduce deployment specifications based on demand

# Pause and Delete Deployment

Pause, resume or delete existing deployments.