# Operation and Management

# Serverless Spend Limit

The spend limit allows you to control the monthly spending of the Serverless deployment.

# Monitors

EMQX Cloud provides monitoring metrics to view data such as TPS, number of connections, subscriptions, and topics in real time.

# Metrics

EMQX Cloud provides four incremental metrics: Sessions, Messages, Traffic, and Dropped Messages. You can view the display chart corresponding to each indicator, and the detailed information at a certain point in time.

# Alerts

EMQX Cloud provides complete alerts reminders and alerts integration, allowing users and operation and maintenance personnel to make corresponding treatment promptly based on these alerts.

# Webhook Alerts

EMQX Cloud integrates with Webhook, enabling alerts to be sent to IM software or to your own service.

# Logs

EMQX Cloud provides real-time online viewing of EMQX logs.

# Prometheus

The Prometheus API is available in the EMQX Cloud and can be used to easily monitor critical metrics.

# Stop/Delete Deployment

This page describes how to stop or delete a deployment.