# Product Advantages

# Protocol support is complete

Supports MQTT v3.1, v3.1.1, and v5.0 protocol versions, the world's first public cloud service to support MQTT 5.0, MQTT WebSocket services, and full support for QoS0, QoS1, and QoS2 level MQTT messages.

# Fewer usage restrictions

Most public cloud IoT platforms have multiple usage restrictions, including the number of MQTT topics, message size, message rate, and access/communication modes. EMQX Cloud has fewer usage restrictions, allowing you to integrate and use it without hindrance.

# Significant cost advantages

Charge per cluster instance and message traffic, not message count, and unlimited API and Data Integrations usage, so costs remain clear and manageable as your business scales.

# Fully managed operations and maintenance

Create a highly available MQTT clusters in minutes and start accessing devices immediately, followed by up to 7*24 technical support and operations by our global service support team and EMQ experts for the entire life cycle.

# High availability and data security

EMQX Cloud Professional and Premium plans use a highly redundant cluster architecture to ensure high availability of services and guarantee your data security and business stability with a unique isolated environment. Each deployment cluster has its public IP, dedicated VPC network, independent EMQX servers, and database servers, which is more secure and reliable.

# Multiple protocol access and private customization extensions

Supports multiple communication protocols including MQTT, MQTT-SN, CoAP, LwM2M, and private TCP protocols, covering various industry applications. It can customize private functions according to your special usage scenarios to fully meet business needs.

# Capacity estimation and scaling

Capacity is automatically estimated by the number of connections and message throughput, and the scaling plan is made through close monitoring, and the cluster size can be smoothly adjusted with the business scale.

# Flexible data flow solution

EMQX Cloud Professional and Premium plans support real-time pre-processing of device event and message data, and storage to more than ten kinds of databases and messaging systems such as MySQL, Kafka, InfluxDB on the cloud.