# Create a free trial deployment

For first-time EMQX Cloud customers, we have an opportunity for you to create a free trial deployment of up to 14 days in length. The free trial deployment is an ideal way for you to learn and explore the features of EMQX Cloud. Before creating a free trial deployment, you need to understand that the free trial has the following restrictions.

  • Duration: Free trial up to 14 days.

    To extend your free trial, you can submit a ticket or contact us by email to get in touch with us.

  • Specification: 1000 client connections for the standard plan and 5000 client connections for the professional plan.

  • Traffic: 100 GB free traffic per month.

  • Features: All features included such as data integrations, monitoring management, etc.

  • Protocol: Support for MQTT, WebSockets, MQTT over TLS/SSL, WebSockets over TLS protocol connections.

    For additional protocol support, you can submit a ticket or send email (cloud-support@emqx.io) to get in touch with us.

  • Limitation: The standard plan does not support custom TLS/SSL and VPC Peering.

  • Usage Term: If there is no connection for 5 consecutive days during your trial period, the trial deployment will be stopped automatically. You can start your free trial deployment again by logging into the EMQX Cloud console.

# Start creating a free trial deployment

  1. Login to EMQX Cloud Console (opens new window).


  2. Click the Create Deployment button.


  3. Select create free trial under standard plan.


  4. Review the EMQX Cloud Standard Terms of Service and Free Trial Declaration Terms.


  5. Wait for 5-10 minutes until the deployment status is running.


# Connect to your free trial deployment

Before connecting to your free trial deployment, you need to wait for the deployment status changed from pending to running

  1. Get free trial connection information.

    Click the free trial deployment to be connected, and you will enter the deployment details page. The corresponding ports of the protocol are as follows:

    MQTT over TLS1xxxx
    WebSockets over TLS8084


  2. Add client authentication information.

    Click the Authentication on the Authentication & ACL menu on the left.


  3. Connect to free trial deployment with MQTT X.

    EMQX Cloud recommends using MQTT X (opens new window) to test the connection.

    • MQTT connection


    • WebSockets connection


    • MQTT over TLS connection


    • WebSockets over TLS connection


  4. Use SDK or other tools to connect to the free trial deployments.