# Create Serverless (Beta) deployment

You can create an EMQX Cloud Serverless (Beta) deployment in just a few steps.


EMQX Cloud Serverless is currently under free trial, you can experience the fully-managed MQTT services before 2023.4.1 under zero costs. This trial deployment currently supports up to 100 sessions.


  • Only one serverless (Beta) deployment can be created under each account at the moment.
  • Deployment with no active client connections for 30 days will be stopped. To continue the trial, please start it manually in EMQX Cloud console (opens new window).
  • Deployment remains disabled for a consecutive 30 days after being stopped will be deleted.

# Create a deployment

  1. Log in to EMQX Cloud Console (opens new window).

  2. Click + New.

  3. Click Start for free under Serverless (Beta).


  4. In the Configuration tab, you can view the deployment region, pricing, and your free quota information, or limit your monthly spending with the Speed Limit field. Here we will just click Deploy to start the deployment. Agree to the EMQX Cloud Standard Terms of Service and Serverless Service Terms of Use. Then click Get Start.


    Serverless (beta) is under free trial until 03/31/2023. And a maximum of 100 sessions are supported. For a production environment, please choose the Dedicated plan.

  5. Wait until the status is Running.


# Connect to Serverless (Beta)

  1. View the overall status of the deployment.

    On the Overview page, you can get the overall status of the deployment, for example, the instance status, number of sessions, Pub&Sub TPS, session minutes, and traffic. The page also lists the deployment name, address, and ports, we can use this information to test the connection.


  2. Add client authentication.

    In the deployment detail page, click Authentication & ACL -> Authentication in the left navigation menu, click the + Add button, enter the username and password and click Confirm.

    User emqx is created and it will later be used for testing the connection to the deployment.


  3. Test the connection to the deployment.

    MQTT X (opens new window) is recommended to test the connection to the deployment, or you can use SDK or other tools. Before the testing, you need to get the deployment connection address (Host) and port (Port) from the Overview tab.

    • Set up the MQTT X connection configuration as shown below and connect to the deployment.


    • Test the publish or subscribe services.