# EMQ X Broker

EMQ X (Erlang/Enterprise/Elastic MQTT Broker) is an open source IoT MQTT message broker based on the Erlang/OTP platform. Erlang/OTP is an excellent Soft-Realtime, Low-Latency and Distributed development platform. MQTT is a lightweight message exchange protocol using publish-subscribe pattern.

EMQ X is designed for massive clients access and realizes fast and low-latency message routing between massive physical network devices:

  1. Stable to host large-scale MQTT client connections, and a single-server node supports millions of connections.
  2. Distributed cluster, fast and low-latency message routing, and single-cluster supports tens of thousands of routes.
  3. Extensible, support customized plugins, such as authentication and other functions.
  4. Comprehensive IoT protocol support, including MQTT, MQTT-SN, CoAP, LwM2M, and other TCP/UDP based proprietary protocol.
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