# Introduction

EMQX Enterprise is the world’s most scalable and reliable MQTT messaging platform to connect, move and process your data in business-critical scenarios for the IoT era.


# Benefits

  • Massive Scale (opens new window): Scale horizontally to 20+ nodes in a single cluster for 100M MQTT connections.
  • Business-Critical Reliability: Up to 99.99% SLA. Ensure no data loss with built-in RocksDB data persistence.
  • Data Security: End-to-end data encryption and fine-grained access control to protect your data.
  • Multiple protocols support (opens new window): MQTT, QUIC, CoAP, Stomp, LwM2M, and more
  • High Performance: Ingest and process millions of MQTT messages efficiently per second per node.
  • Low Latency: Guarantee sub-millisecond latency in message delivery with the soft real-time runtime.
  • Complete Observability: Monitoring, alerting, and advanced end-to-end analysis with real-time MQTT tracing.

# Feature List

The following is a list of features of EMQX Open Source and Enterprise Edition.

ItemsEMQX EnterpriseEMQX Open Source
PositioningThe reliable and scalable enterprise MQTT platformThe world’s #1 open source MQTT broker
ScalabilityUp to 100M MQTT connections per clusterUp to 100M MQTT connections per cluster
Performance5M+ MQTT messages per second5M+ MQTT messages per second
ReliabilityData persistence in RocksDB(Coming soon)Data storage in memory
Latency1~5 millisecond1~5 millisecond
SLAUp to 99.999%99.99%
Integrations (Out-of-the-box)40+3
License ModelCommercial license (Business source license)Apache Version 2.0
Technical Support24/7 Global supportOpen source community
MQTT 5.0 Broker
MQTT Add-ons
Multi-protocol Gateways
Data Persistence
Schema Registry
Message Codec
Rule Engine
Flow Editor
File Transfer
Kafka Integration
Enterprise Integrations
Cloud-Native & K8s
Edge Computing
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