# XMeter Cloud Overview

XMeter Cloud is a large-scale public cloud testing service for the IoT domain from EMQ. Based on the open-source Apache JMeter project, XMeter Cloud supports millions of simulated device connections and message throughput testing.

# Product Advantages

# Various protocols support

Support IoT protocols like MQTT, CoAP, LwM2M, and 20 more other protocols like TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, Websocket. Extensive user-defined protocols are also supported.

# Large-scale scenarios simulation

Support testing for millions of simulated device connections and message throughput.

# Cost advantages

Charge by test resources and message traffic. Costs are clear and manageable as test resources are created and released on-demand.

# Easy test launch without deployment

Test resources are managed by Kubernetes in a highly automated test environments. Tests can be launched easily with several steps of quick settings.

# JMeter scripts compatible

Base on the open-source Apache JMeter project and inherit JMeter's flexibility on constructing complex test scenarios.

# Visualized test report

Provide a clear graphical test report, system resource monitoring report and detailed test log analysis, which is traceable at any time.

# Product Plans

XMeter Cloud is available in two plans: Standard and Professional. Each plan provides different scales of performance testing support.


  1. Standard: Get started with XMeter Cloud easily. Small-scale MQTT testing is supported.
  2. Professional: For large-scale professional performance testing. A wide range of protocols and test scenarios are supported, along with advanced features like user-defined JMeter scripts, VPC peering, etc.

# Price Details

PlanSpecificationBase FeeTraffic Fee
StandardUp to 1,000 connections / Up to 1,000 TPS$4.90/min. Free coupon on first trialIncluded
ProfessionalUnlimitedContact sales

# Feature Details

MQTT protocol
CoAP protocol
LwM2M protocol
TCP protocol
HTTP, HTTPS protocols
Websocket protocol
Extensive user-defined protocols
MQTT standard test scenarios
User-defined JMeter scripts
Public network support
VPC support
Maximum number of connections1,000Unlimited
Maximum TPS1,000Unlimited
Client support8/524/7
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