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XMeter Cloud Overview

XMeter Cloud is a large-scale public cloud testing service for the IoT domain from EMQ. Based on the open-source Apache JMeter project, XMeter Cloud supports millions of simulated device connections and message throughput testing.

Product Advantages

Various protocols support

Support IoT protocols like MQTT, CoAP, LwM2M, and 20 more other protocols like TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, Websocket. Extensive user-defined protocols are also supported.

Large-scale scenarios simulation

Support testing for millions of simulated device connections and message throughput.

Cost advantages

Charge by test resources and message traffic. Costs are clear and manageable as test resources are created and released on-demand.

Easy test launch without deployment

Test resources are managed by Kubernetes in a highly automated test environments. Tests can be launched easily with several steps of quick settings.

JMeter scripts compatible

Base on the open-source Apache JMeter project and inherit JMeter's flexibility on constructing complex test scenarios.

Visualized test report

Provide a clear graphical test report, system resource monitoring report and detailed test log analysis, which is traceable at any time.