# Plugins

The EMQX Broker distribution contains a large number of official plugins, which provide some basic or various extended functions.

They rely on the code API of emqx (opens new window) or hooks for their special functions.

You can compile it with the emqx (opens new window) core project and package it into a working package.


EMQX Enteprise does not provide source code for commercial sales, and does not support customers to develop and compile plugins by themselves.

# List of plugins

The official plug-ins provided by EMQX include:

PluginConfiguration fileDescription
emqx_dashboard (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_dashboard.confWeb dashboard Plugin (Default)
emqx_management (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_management.confHTTP API and CLI Management Plugin
emqx_auth_mnesia (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_auth_mnesia.confMnesia Auth/access control
emqx_auth_jwt (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_auth_jwt.confJWT Auth/access control
emqx_auth_ldap (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_auth_ldap.confLDAP Auth/access control
emqx_auth_http (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_auth_http.confHTTP Auth/access control
emqx_auth_mongo (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_auth_mongo.confMongoDB Auth/access control
emqx_auth_mysql (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_auth_mysql.confMySQL Auth/access control
emqx_auth_pgsql (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_auth_pgsql.confPostgreSQL Auth/access control
emqx_auth_redis (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_auth_redis.confRedis Auth/access control
emqx_psk_file (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_psk_file.confPSK support
emqx_web_hook (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_web_hook.confWeb Hook Plugin
emqx_lua_hook (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_lua_hook.confLua Hook Plugin
emqx_retainer (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_retainer.confRetain Message storage module
emqx_rule_engine (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_rule_engine.confRule engine
emqx_bridge_mqtt (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_bridge_mqtt.confMQTT Message Bridge Plugin
emqx_coap (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_coap.confCoAP protocol support
emqx_lwm2m (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_lwm2m.confLwM2M protocol support
emqx_sn (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_sn.confMQTT-SN protocol support
emqx_stomp (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_stomp.confStomp protocol support
emqx_recon (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_recon.confRecon performance debugging
emqx_plugin_template (opens new window)etc/plugins/emqx_plugin_template.confplugin develop template
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