# Resource

This chapter explores the architectural design of EMQX and provides guidance on how to access additional resources.

In the Architecture subsection, we provide a comprehensive analysis of the system architecture, connection layer design, session layer design, routing layer design, and distribution layer design. We also delve into the design of Mnesia/ETS tables and related Erlang design topics. This in-depth architectural overview aims to give you a robust understanding of how EMQX operates under the hood.

The Resources subsection serves as a guide to the wealth of official EMQX resources available to you. Here, we detail how you can join the EMQX community and guide you on accessing resources related to various MQTT protocols, including MQTT 3.1.1, MQTT 5.0, and MQTT SN. This section is your gateway to the broader EMQX ecosystem, helping you leverage the full potential of EMQX.

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