# Installation

This chapter provides a comprehensive guide for installing and configuring EMQ X. It includes the following key topics:

  • Installation: Step-by-step instructions for installing EMQ X on supported operating systems. For details on the supported operating systems, see Supported operating systems
  • Configure license: Instructions on how to start EMQX after the installation and how to configure the license.
  • Directory: Overview of important file and directory locations for future configuration and maintenance tasks.
  • Basic commands: Essential commands for working with EMQX and managing its operations.
  • Configuration: Exploring configuration options and how to customize EMQX to meet your specific requirements.
  • Hot configuration: With the hot configuration feature, most of EMQX's configuration items can be modified at runtime through the Dashboard.
  • Hot upgrade: By using the hot upgrade feature, users can quickly and safely upgrade the EMQX in the production environment, and avoid the decrease in system availability caused by restarting the service.
  • Hot patches: EMQX provides an ad-hoc patch mechanism to address critical issues promptly, even before they are officially released in future updates. the fix is included in a (future) official release.
  • Upgrade from 4.2: Guidance on how to upgrade from v4.2

# Download

EMQX releases the corresponding Docker image and the installation packages for different operating systems or platforms in each release. You may click the link below to download.

EMQX website: https://www.emqx.com/en/try?product=enterprise


Besides the above deployment methods, you are also welcome to try our EMQX Cloud (opens new window), a fully managed MQTT service for IoT. You only need to register for an account (opens new window) before starting your MQTT services and connecting your IoT devices to any cloud with zero need for infrastructure maintenance.

# Supported operating systems

EMQX Enterprise binary packages are released on below operating systems:

Operating systemVersions supportedx86_64/amd64arm64
Debian (opens new window)Debian 9
Debian 10
CentOSCentOS 6
CentOS 7
CentOS 8
Ubuntu (opens new window)Ubuntu 16.04
Ubuntu 18.04
Ubuntu 20.04
macOS (opens new window)YesNo