# Pulsar Consumer Group

The Pulsar consumer group uses an external Pulsar as a message queue, which can convert consumer messages from Pulsar into MQTT messages and publish them in emqx.

Set up the Pulsar environment, taking MacOS X as an example:

$ wget https://archive.apache.org/dist/pulsar/pulsar-2.3.2/apache-pulsar-2.3.2-bin.tar.gz

$ tar xvfz apache-pulsar-2.3.2-bin.tar.gz

$ cd apache-pulsar-2.3.2

# Start Pulsar
$ ./bin/pulsar standalone

Create Pulsar topic:

$ ./bin/pulsar-admin topics create-partitioned-topic -p 5 testTopic

# Create module

Open EMQX Dashboard (opens new window), click the "Modules" tab on the left, and choose to add:

Click "Select", and then select "Pulsar Consumer Group":

Fill in the relevant parameters:

1). Pulsar server address

2). The number of Pulsar consumer processes

3). Pulsar's subscription topic

4). MQTT message subject

5). MQTT topic service quality

6). Pulsar flow control threshold (Pulsar flow control threshold, configure how many messages Pulsar sends to consumers and block Pulsar Consumer)

7). EMQX reset flow control threshold percentage (Pulsar flow control threshold reset percentage. This configuration allows consumers to reset the Pulsar flow control threshold in advance after processing a certain number of messages. For example, Pulsar flow control thresholdIs 1000, Threshold reset percentage is 80%, then reset)

After clicking Add, the module is added:

The resource has been created, now use Dashboard's websocket tool to subscribe to the MQTT topic "TestTopic":

Use pulsar-cli to produce a message:

./bin/pulsar-client produce TestTopic --messages "hello-pulsar"

The websocket tool of Dashboard received the message "hello-pulsar" produced by pulsar:

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