# DevOps

This chapter focuses on providing essential information and strategies to enhance, manage, and monitor your EMQX effectively. It's designed to guide you through the process of device management, system tuning, production deployment, Prometheus monitoring, and benchmark testing.

The Device Management section covers topics like device authentication, online status tracking, connection history, publish-subscribe/ACL management, proxy subscription, and HTTP message publishing, thereby simplifying communication and enhancing security.

The System Tuning section guide includes general tuning suggestions for Linux and EMQX.

The Production Deployment section introduces the deployment architecture, how to configure the load balancer, how to deploy EMQX in QingCloud, AWS, and how to deploy EMQX in a private network.

The Prometheus Monitoring section introduces how to integrate with Prometheus to effectively monitor EMQX.

After you successfully deploy EMQX, you can test the performance of your deployment to know the system capability. Benchmark test section introduces how to install and use the eMQTT-Bench (opens new window)to do the performance test.

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