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Access Control

ECP access control serves as a vital mechanism for restricting and managing the access privileges of different users or roles within the ECP platform. Its primary purpose is to ensure the security of data and services associated with EMQX products.

This chapter elaborates on the following topics:

  1. Login Authentication: This section outlines the authentication process specific to the ECP Cloud-Edge Integrated Platform, including the basic authentication with username and password and integration with third-party authentication systems.
  2. Authorization: This section delves into the configuration of roles and permissions within the ECP.
  3. Users Management: ECP implements RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) for access control. This section introduces how system admin can perform user management-related tasks such as creating users and resetting passwords, and monitor user access and activities for platform stability and security.

Furthermore, ECP also includes an audit logging feature that records and analyzes user activities and access patterns. This facilitates the prompt identification and resolution of any anomalous behavior, thereby bolstering the overall security of EMQX products.