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Install Edge Services in Bulk

Batch installation is especially advantageous when ECP and edged services are within the same Kubernetes environments. With batch installation, you can effectively minimize deployment effort and reduce installation time.

For the initial deployment of edge services, you can utilize ECP's batch installation feature to streamline the process of installing Neuron and eKuiper in batch.


  1. Log in as system admin, organization admin, or project admin. Navigate to Workspace - Edge Service page.

  2. Click the Add Edge Service button to enter the Add Edge Service page.

  3. Choose Install new Services in batches for Add Type.

  4. For Category, you can choose eKuiper or Neuron.

  5. Connection Type is set to Direct by default and cannot be changed.

  6. In the Name Cluster field, give a name prefix for the edge service, the system will automatically generate a unique service name based on the name prefix; it should be 1 - 20 characters, and also support "-" and blank spaces.

  7. In the Installation Quantity field, enter the number of edge services you want to install, at most 200 services can be installed in batch.

  8. You can view the default specification for the service.

  9. Then in the eKuiperImage or NeuronImage field, choose the image version to install.

    Note: If Neuron is to be installed, please also specify whether authentication is enabled by clicking the Authentication Enabled checkbox. For details about authentication in Neuron, see Authenticate Edge Services.

  10. Add tags to facilitate future management. For details, see Tags.

  11. With the information you've provided, the system will create a summary page showing resource needs and your selected configurations. After reviewing these, click Confirm to complete the setup.

Monitor Installation Process

A dialog box will subsequently appear, showcasing the installation progress. Here you can observe:

  • The total count of services installed, those successfully created, ones that failed, and those currently in process.
  • For any failed instances, the Reason column will provide information on the cause of failure.

Click Return to close this page and return Workspace - Edge Service page. The newly created edge services are now displayed in the Edge Service section.

System/Organization/Project admins can review these operations in the System Administration - Audit.


For usage restrictions on batch installations, please refer to Known Limitations and Version Compatibility.