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Release History


Release Date: 07/21/2023


  • Implemented read-only access for regular users in eKuiper v1.10 and Neuron v2.5


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the reset of edge service offline alerts once triggered
  • Fixed an issue of inaccurate progress indication during the creation and maintenance of EMQX clusters.
  • Removed redundant fields from EMQX cluster resource settings
  • Fixed an issue within the ECP integrated EMQX Dashboard that prevented deletion of topics containing a "/" character in the EMQX built-in database
  • Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect display of project counts in the project list
  • Fixed an issue with the clearing logic when filtering logs by organizations and projects
  • Fixed a display issue within system-level monitoring settings


Release Date: 07/07/2023


  • Integration of Neuron 2.5.0 UI
  • The Neuron (2.4 and above) managed by ECP has now exposed port 7081 to support TCP connectivity with eKuiper (versions 1.9 and above)


  • Fixed the issue of abnormal edge service online status after modifying the authentication configuration
  • Fixed the issue that Neuron's northbound MQTT exhibits abnormalities after turning off SSL
  • Improved error prompts when creating or editing organizations, projects, or users
  • Deleted the invalid "Quota List Description" field in Edge Service Setting
  • Improved the LoadBalancer configuration example in Cluster Settings
  • Fixed an issue of false prompts appearing during the startup of the EMQX cluster


Release Date: 06/25/2023


  • Implemented the feature to check the EMQX cluster status through "CURL"
  • Add default resource configuration specifications for EMQX cluster, eKuiper, and Neuron


  • Fixed issue where the EMQX startup time was incorrectly displayed in UTC format
  • Fixed issue with ekuiper 1.10, where configuration cannot be configured in batch
  • Fixed issue with eKuiper 1.10, where an enabled Cron task couldn't be subsequently disabled
  • Fixed issue with eKuiper 1.10, where validation error would occur when editing CRON rules
  • Fixed the issue with eKuiper 1.10, where changes to CRON plans didn't take effect immediately


Release Date: 06/09/2023


  • Integration of eKuiper 1.10.0 UI
  • Restored the 'description' attribute of edge services


  • Optimized error prompts for Name Cluster when installing edge services
  • Optimized instance-level monitoring of edge services, ECP will generate an error prompt in case of metrics obtaining error
  • Optimized prompts after closing logs
  • Fixed an issue where member emails could not be displayed correctly when editing organizations and projects


Release Date: 05/26/2023


  • Double confirmation is required in order to proceed with the delete operation of EMQX cluster and edge services
  • Log receiver configuration can now be edited again after the initial setup


  • Org/project administrators now have the authorization to download JWT public keys for Neuron authentication
  • Fixed email verification error that occurred during password recovery process
  • Fixed email verification error when forgetting password
  • Fixed issue of Configuration Key of eKuiper's source reported an oAuth error when configuring the Configuration Key


Release Date: 05/12/2023


  • Implemented NanoMQ's proxy management, batch import, monitoring, and alerting
  • Enhanced instance-level monitoring of Neuron
  • Optimized the switching between system management interface and workbench interface
  • Integrate Neuron 2.4.3 UI


  • Fixed the Neuron 2.4 UI document link 404 error
  • Fixed the issue where the EMQX cluster and edge services did not display the storage class after adding storage classes to edge services


Release Date: 04/28/2023


  • Batch feature implemented for ECP installed on Kubernetes, enabling batch operations such as start, stop, restart, and delete for edge services Neuron, eKuiper
  • Improved batch configuration deployment, batch configuration deployment by rule supported for eKuiper 1.9
  • Visisualling of eKuiper instance level monitor data supported
  • ECP installed on Kubernetes now supports independent storage class setup for the EMQX cluster and each edge service (Neuron, eKuiper)
  • Supported connection to third-party authentication systems with SAML protocol


  • Fixed the issue of delayed offline warnings in edge services due to long ECP restart intervals
  • Fixed the problem of triggering offline alarms when edge services installed in batch are online
  • Fixed the issue of Chinese punctuation marks appearing in English prompts
  • Support management of offline edge services
  • Optimized unclear error messages when the access point of the edge services to be managed has already been managed within the project
  • Fixed the issue that the edge service filter would judge those being created as offline


Release Date: 04/14/2023


  • Optimized alarm function; when deleting resources, the alarms associated with the deleted resources will be cleared regularly

  • Added an upgrade function for edge services:

    • supporting batch upgrades and single-instance upgrades
    • compatible with eKuiper and Neuron.
    • upgrade information will be recorded in operation audits
  • Integrated eKuiper 1.9 UI and Neuron 2.4 UI

  • Log levels classified by product:

    • Neuron: debug, info, notice, warning, error
    • eKuiper: debug, info, warning, error
    • EMQX: debug, info, notice, warning, error, critical, alert, emergency
    • ECP: debug, info, warning, error, alert, emergency
  • Optimized tag name display on the edge service management page


  • Fixed the error of document links on the Neuron management page
  • Fixed eKuiper's alarm error


Release Date: 03/31/2023


  • Implemented differential batch deployment of Neuron/eKuiper configuration distribution through template and variable replacement. An online template editor is available to generate configuration templates from existing Neuron/eKuiper instances, enabling easy batch cloning to other instances
  • Refactored ECP EMQXEE proxy download program
  • Support for fine-grained audit logs of edge service import


  • Fixed the issue of incorrect audit logs will be generated when switching to the NodePort network type


Release Date: 3/17/2023


  • Fixed an issue on Kubesphere for displaying incorrect logs for edge services


Release Date: 3/10/2023


  • Added support for batch deployment of edge services in a Kubernetes environment
    • Improved edge service high availability (HA)
    • Custom resource and storage reservation
    • Implemented log integration and visualization for edge services (applies only to Kubesphere)
    • Support for Neuron (2.3.4+) and eKuiper (1.7.1+)
  • Completed deployment error alerts for the EMQX cluster
  • Redesigned the edge service management page
  • Created a helm chart based on the kubesphere/stack environment


Release Date: 02/17/2023


  • Unified monitoring and alarm services now support webhook notifications
  • Removed invalid links in the eKuiper UI


  • Fixed an issue where metric collectors could not be saved after the release of the new version of the alarm service
  • Fixed an issue where cluster number statistics were incorrect when deleting an EMQX cluster failed


Release Date: 02/03/2023


  • New product name (EMQX ECP - EMQX Cloud-Edge Integrated Platform) and new logo
  • Unified monitoring and alarm service
    • Implemented an alarm platform capable of aggregation, convergence, and prevention of alarm storms
    • Configured email notifications and recipients for each project
    • Supported 9 types of alerts, covering most service offline and data loss situations (Neuron 2.3.0+ and eKuiper 1.7.0+)
  • Unified log service: centralized log integration and visualization for EMQX/Edge/ECP on ECP UI (requires Kubernetes and ElasticSearch)


  • Fixed an issue where eKuiper's configuration distribution task could not start correctly


Release Date: 01/13/2023


  • Migrated edge service monitoring metrics to Prometheus
  • Supported integration of Neuron (2.3.0+) and eKuiper (1.8.0+) metrics and displayed them on the edge service management page
  • Provided a project-level statistical dashboard
  • Implemented online configuration batch distribution for eKuiper 1.8.0. Users can clone configurations from running eKuiper instances and set up new eKuiper instances in batches
  • Integrated Neuron 2.3.1 UI
  • Improved UI/UE, refactored lists and menu panels


Release Date: 12/30/2022


  • Supported label management and business grouping for batch identification, filtering, and management of edge services
  • Allowed users invited via email to re-edit profiles, change passwords, and switch roles


  • Fixed the pagination issue in the integrated Neuron UI
  • Fixed UI errors when installing Antares for the first time


Release Date: 12/16/2022


  • Improved UI/UE, making Antares' feature classification and user interaction modes more reasonable and easy to understand, thus more convenient for management, operation, and maintenance
  • Supported customization of the logo, system name, and login background image


  • Fixed an issue where the cluster name was repeated during cluster transfer
  • Fixed the issue of receiving a 404 error when an invited user clicked the email link address when inviting users via email


Release Date: 11/18/2022


  • Supported multi-tenant and multi-project
  • Implemented role-based access control and user management
  • Managed the lifecycle of EMQX clusters
  • Deployed EMQX Enterprise clusters on Kubernetes using the EMQX Operator
  • Supported horizontal and vertical scaling of EMQX Enterprise clusters
  • Supported EMQX Enterprise ClusterIP/NodePort/LoadBalancer network services
  • Upgraded EMQX Enterprise clusters seamlessly
  • Supported EMQX Enterprise cluster log aggregation through an external ElasticSearch log server
  • Dynamically adjusted the maximum number of connections for the EMQX Enterprise cluster
  • Managed edge services
  • Imported existing Neuron and eKuiper services
  • Provided integrated UI for remote Neuron and eKuiper management
  • Provided a cloud-edge tunnel for edge agents
  • Supported monitoring and alarm for Neuron and eKuiper
  • Global settings
  • Managed Kubernetes and hardware settings
  • Managed resource quotas for EMQX Enterprise
  • User registration configuration
  • Operation audits
  • License management

Release history