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Alarm List

See below for a list of alarms in ECP.

Alarm TypeDefault Severity LevelAlarm MessageIdentical Alarm Criteria
NeuronEX data collection driver exception alarm (including south and north)CriticalNeuronEX {{instance name}} Driver {{driver name}} exceptionFrom the same driver on the same NeuronEX instance
NeuronEX data processing rule exception alarmCriticalNeuronEX {{instance name}} Rule {{rule name}} exception.From the same rule on the same NeuronEX instance
NeuronEX offline alarmCriticalNeuronEX {{instance name}} OfflineFrom the same NeuronEX instance
NeuronEX restart alarmCriticalNeuronEX {{instance name}} RestartedFrom the same NeuronEX instance
Email send failed alarmNormalEmail sending failed, please check mail server configuration.
Webhook send failed alarmNormalWebhook sending failed, Webhook address: {{address}}