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Alarm List

See below for a list of alarms in ECP.

Alarm TypeDefault Severity LevelAlarm MessageIdentical Alarm Criteria
Email send failed alarmNormalEmail sending failed, please check mail server configuration.
Webhook send failed alarmNormalWebhook sending failed, Webhook address: {{address}}
NeuronEX data collection driver exception alarm (including south and north)CriticalNeuronEX {{instance name}} Driver {{driver name}} exceptionFrom the same driver on the same NeuronEX instance
NeuronEX data processing rule exception alarmCriticalNeuronEX {{instance name}} Rule {{rule name}} exception.From the same rule on the same NeuronEX instance
NeuronEX offline alarmCriticalNeuronEX {{instance name}} OfflineFrom the same NeuronEX instance
NeuronEX restart alarmCriticalNeuronEX {{instance name}} RestartedFrom the same NeuronEX instance
EMQX rule alarmCriticalEMQX {{instance name}} Rule {{rule name}} alarm.From the same EMQX cluster
EMQX connector alarmCriticalEMQX {{instance name}} Connector {{connector name}}From the same EMQX cluster