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This chapter mainly introduces how to deploy ECP with Kubernetes or Docker. There are certain functional differences between these two deployment methods, for details, see the table below.

After the installation, please configure the ECP license and start your journey with this cloud-edge collaboration platform.

Kubernetes vs. Docker Deployments

EMQX Cluster ManagementLife cycle management
Horizontal and vertical scaling
Access type configuration
Manage existing EMQX clusters
View EMQX cluster details
EMQX cluster transfer
EMQX connection management
Edge Service ManagementManage edge services
Manage Neuron, eKuiper and NanoMQ
Batch install
Batch upgrade
Batch manage
Batch operate
Batch configuration deployment (Global Overwrite)
Batch configuration deployment (Local Update)
Service grouping
MonitorMonitor EMQX clusters
Monitor edge services
AlarmEMQX service alarm
Edge service alarms
Alarm rules and notification
LogsEMQX log management
Neuron servcie log
eKuiper servcie log
ECP service log
TagsTag management
System ManagementOrganization management
Project management
User management
Operation audit
Resource setting
General setting
Customized login page
License management