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Edge Cloud Tunnel

ECP acts as a proxy for NeuronEX, allowing users to directly call NeuronEX's API through ECP.

ANY /api/edgeservice/proxy/{edgeServiceId}/{path}

  • ANY refers to registering routes that match all HTTP methods, including GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, HEAD, OPTIONS, DELETE, CONNECT, TRACE.
  • {edgeServiceId} refers to the ServiceID of NeuronEX in ECP.
  • {path} refers to the actual URL called by NeuronEX. For detailed API information about NeuronEX, please refer to NeuronEX HTTP API.


All APIs for Cloud-Edge Channels require the addition of a header, Authorization, for ECP authentication.

The value of Authorization consists of Bearer and the accessToken obtained from the ECP login API.


The following creates a driver node on NeuronEX through the edge cloud tunnel.


POST /api/edgeservice/proxy/{edgeServiceId}/api/neuron/node

Request Header:

  • Authorization Bearer <accessToken>
    "name": "modbus-tcp-node",
    "plugin": "Modbus TCP"


Response status 200

    "error": 0