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NeuronEX provides management and monitoring REST APIs that conform to the OpenAPI (Swagger) 3.1 specification.

Once the NeuronEX service is started, you can access http://localhost:8085/api-docs/index.html to view the API documentation. You can also try executing some of the APIs directly in the Swagger UI.

This section will guide you on how to get started with the NeuronEX REST API quickly.

JWT authentication: The API uses JWT authentication to ensure secure communication and authentication between IIoT platforms or monitoring applications and NeuronEX devices. This enhances the overall security of the system.

Data type description: To ensure that data is represented and interpreted clearly and consistently, the API describes the data types used. This facilitates seamless integration and analysis of data in IIoT platforms or monitoring applications.

Data collection function error code description: The API includes comprehensive error code descriptions that provide information about the nature and cause of the errors encountered. This helps with effective troubleshooting and issue resolution.

API documentation: Includes the relevant APIs for system, data collection, and data statistics functions.