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Configure with Templates

In practice, Neuron users often need to create large numbers of nodes having similar configurations. This can be a time-consuming and error-prone process, especially in large-scale deployments. To streamline this process, Neuron introduces the template feature in version 2.5.0.

The Neuron template feature allows users to create a template with the desired plugin and configurations including groups and tags. Users could then use that template as a basis to create new nodes.

By using templates, users can quickly and easily create new nodes with similar configurations, saving time and effort.


Neuron 2.5.0 template feature only supports southbound plugins.

Create Template

Add Template

Click Configuration -> Template -> Add Template to open the Add Template dialog box.

Add template dialog

Fill in the template name and select the desired plugin, then click the Create button. If everything is successful, you should see the created template in the Template tab.

Add template result

Add Template Group

At this point, the created template is empty without any data. Click the created template to enter the Group List page.

Add template group

To add a group to the template, it is pretty much the same as that in Configure Data Groups And Tags. Here, we add a group named grp with an interval of 3000.

Template group list

Add Template Tag

Click the created grp group to enter the Tag List page.

Add template tag

Click the Create button to enter the Add Tags page.

Add template tag

To keep things simple, we just add two tags. Click the Create button to finally submit the tags as shown in the Tag List page.

Template tag list

Create Neoron Nodes with Template

Click Configuration -> South Devices -> Add Device to open the New Device dialog.

Template instantiation

Fill in the south device name, then select Template mode and the template to instantiate from. Click the Create button to bring up the Device configuration page.

Template device setting

Fill in the settings and click Submit. If no errors, a new south device should be listed in the South Devices tab.

Template device

Click the instantiated south device to enter the Group List page. Clearly, the instantiated south device has a group named grp with interval 3000, which is the same as that of the selected template.

Template device group

Click the grp group to enter the Tag List page. Also not surprisingly, there are two tags, which are the same as that of the template.

Template device tag

Export/Import Templates

Export Template

To export a template, just click the Export icon on the desired template and it will export the template data to a JSON file.

Template export

Import Template

To import a template, click Import Template in the Template tab and provide the JSON file to import data from.

Template import

In the Import Template dialog box, users could alter the template name to avoid name conflicts. Click the Create button to finish the import.

Template import

Imported templates are shown as usual in the Template tab.

Template import result