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Neuron KUKA Ethernet KRL TCP plugin accesses KUKA robot devices with the KUKA Ethernet KRL module installed through TCP protocol. Currently, the Neuron KUKA plugin supports the robot device server mode and client mode.

Parameter Configuration

hostTarget Device IP address or binding IP address
portTarget Device port or binding port, default 54601
connection_modeConnection Mode, default 1

Support Data Type

  • uint8
  • int8
  • uint16
  • int16
  • uint32
  • int32
  • uint64
  • int64
  • float
  • double
  • bool
  • string

KUKA Ethernet KRL script setting

On-site robot devices need to have the KUKA Ethernet KRL module installed in advance. Neuron provides robotic equipment-side TCP Server script and TCP Client script examples. You can directly contact us to obtain the scripts and configuration documents.


The plugin address is in the form of XML XPATH.

Address Examples

/RobotState/Current/@A1floatcurrent of A1 axis
/RobotState/Current/@A2floatcurrent of A2 axis
/RobotState/Torque/@A1floattorque of A1 axis
/RobotState/Torque/@A2floattorque of A2 axis
/RobotState/Err/@numberint32error number