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The Neuron MTConnect plugin accesses devices installed with MTConnect Agent through the HTTP protocol.

Parameter Configuration

hostTarget Device IP address
portTarget Device port, default 5000
ns_prefixnamespace prefix
ns_urinamespace uri

Support Data Type

  • uint8
  • int8
  • uint16
  • int16
  • uint32
  • int32
  • uint64
  • int64
  • float
  • double
  • bool
  • string

MTConnect Agent

For detailed information on the installation and usage of MTConnect Agent, please visit this link cppagent.


The plugin address is in the form of XML XPATH.

Address Examples

//m:Angle[@dataItemId='Babs']floatAbsolute angle of rotation axis B
//m:DeviceStream[@uuid='Mazak']/m:ComponentStream[@componentId='LYI1']/m:Samples/m:Position[@dataItemId='LYI1actm']doubleMechanical coordinates of linear axis Y
//m:DeviceStream[@uuid='Mazak']/m:ComponentStream[@componentId='Lct1']/m:Events/m:InputOutputSignal[@dataItemId='LPlcMonitorIO_1']bitIO signal