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The device status is "Disconnected" for a long time or Error code - ERROR(3002): Plug-in is not connected

  • Test whether the OPC UA server port is available by Telnet tool, command

    telnet target-ip target-port

    If the connection fails, it's crucial to verify that the OPC UA server is correctly configured to listen to the appropriate network, and to ensure that the relevant port is open within the network firewall settings.

  • You can use other OPC UA testing software, such as UaExpert, to test if the OPC UA server cannot be connected.

  • PLC devices need to turn on the "Accept client certificate" option when OPC UA Server is enabled.

  • OPC Server needs to set NeuronClient in the "Trusted Clients" list to be trusted if anonymous login is not used.

  • Abnormal connection, need to check whether Neuron OPC UA device configuration is correct.

  • Provide Neuron device logs to developers to help troubleshoot issues.

Error code - ERROR(3008): Plug-in Tag value is invalid

  • Read timeout, you can adjust the Interval value of Group appropriately.