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Lookup table

NeuronEX data processing module can receive data from Redis source.


Redis can only be used as lookup table.

Create Lookup table

Log in to NeuronEX and click Data Processing -> Sources. On the Lookup Table tab, click Create Lookup Table.

In the pop-up Sources/Create page, enter the following configuration:

  • Table Name: Enter the stream name

  • Whether the schema table: Check to confirm whether it is a structured table. If it is a structured table, you need to add further table fields. It can be unchecked by default.

  • Table Type: select redis

  • Data Source: The topic to be subscribed, for example topic1.

  • Configuration key: You can edit and use the default configuration key, or click to add a configuration key and make the following settings in the pop-up dialog box. After the settings are completed, you can click Test Connection to test:

    • Name: Enter the configuration key name.
    • Address: The address of redis service, such as tcp://
    • Username: Optional parameter, MQTT connection username.
    • Password: Optional parameter, MQTT connection password.
    • data type: The Redis data type, could be string or list. The default is string.
  • Table format: supports json, binary, protobuf, delimited, custom. Default json format.

    • If you select protobuf or custom, you should also configure the corresponding mode
    • If you select delimited, you should also configure the delimiter, such as ","
  • key: Set the key of the table.