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Neuron can indirectly access the OPC DA server running on Windows OS through the external helper program neuopc.exe. NeuOPC converts the DA protocol to UA protocol and then acquires data through Neuron's existing OPC UA plug-in, all accessible points of the DA are mapped to the UA "namespace2" and the point The point IDs are consistent with those of the DA.

The NeuOPC component packages can be downloaded from the Project page of NeuOPC (NeuOPC is an open source project under the GPL agreement). For installation and system configuration for remote connection, refer to NeuOPC Installation and NeuOPC Remote Access.


NeuOPC Parameters

OPCDA HostNeed to connect to the target host ID, which can be the target IP or Hostname, and this machine can not be set
OPCDA ServerThe name of the DA server, such as "Matrikon.OPC.Simulation.1", after filling in the DA Host, you can click the drop-down button to try to get the Server list
OPCUA PortThe listening port setting of the UA server, the default 48401
OPCUA UserAuthorized access user name of UA server, default admin
OPCUA PasswordAccess password of UA server, default 123456

Neuron opcua Parameters

Endpoint UrlThe access address of NeuOPC, the default is opc.tcp://
UsernameAuthorized username for NeuOPC
PasswordAccess password for NeuOPC

Data Types

  • INT8(SBYTE type)
  • INT16
  • INT32
  • INT64
  • UINT8(BYTE type)
  • UINT16
  • UINT32(also used to represent DATETIME types)
  • UINT64
  • BOOL

Address Format


IX Namespace index, IX can only be 2 when accessing NeuOPC.

NODEID Node ID, consistent with the string in the UA server.


AddressData TypeDescription
1!Bucket Brigade.UInt2UINT16Get a datatag of type UINT16; NS is 2, NODEID is Bucket Brigade.UInt2