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Release history


Release Date: 2024-06-24


  • Added Modbus ASCII southbound driver
  • Added XINJE Modbus RTU southbound driver
  • Added Codesys V3 southbound driver
  • Added IEC 60870-5-101 southbound driver
  • Added IEC 60870-5-102 southbound driver
  • Added IEC 60870-5-103 southbound driver
  • Added AWS IOT northbound application
  • Added Azure IOT northbound application
  • OPCUA driver supports data tag discovery
  • OPCUA driver supports localizedtext data type
  • IEC 61850 driver supports asynchronous read and write
  • IEC 60870-5-104 driver adjusted to standard version, and supports providing private - customized version
  • DLT645 supports multi-data reading
  • Supports uploading CNC files
  • Data tag supports offset
  • Support tag test when adding data tags (currently only supports Modbus TCP driver)
  • Data monitoring page supports filtering to display only error tags
  • Data monitoring page supports tags paging display
  • Optimize decimal display of floating data tags
  • Add CAN Source
  • Support for Javascript custom functions
  • Add Image Sink
  • Neuron Sink supports writing multiple tags in data template
  • Data source redis, influxdb v1/v2 support connection test
  • Add RBAC user management, support two roles of administrator and viewer
  • Support network connection test
  • Support display of system CPU and memory load
  • Optimize SQL Source parameter configuration
  • Optimize time display on rule status page
  • Optimize SSO function
  • Optimize MQTT Northbound applications generate default clientid and topic
  • In the default configuration of rule retry, the delay is changed to 5000ms, and the - multiplier is changed to 1
  • Add some rules SQL usage examples
  • Support custom hiding of left and top menu bars


  • Fix the growth of ekuiper log after NeuronEX Log Level is set to debug
  • Fix the names of southbound drivers, resulting in configuration export errors
  • Fix the tag descriptions that all become the last edited content when adding multiple tags
  • Fix the problem of inaccurate statistics of southbound driver nodes
  • Fix the driver exception caused by modbus batch writing tags


Release Date: 2024-06-28


  • Inovance Modbus supports coil area merge reading and writing
  • Optimize Siemens S7 driver performance
  • Optimize neuron core module log
  • Display of floating point data, remove invalid suffixes
  • In the default configuration of rule retry, the delay is changed to 5000ms, and the - multiplier is changed to 1


  • opc ua cannot correctly connect to the third-party opc server
  • Inaccurate display of group tags in driver statistics
  • Issuing wrong configuration causes neuron to exit
  • Too many "tag not changed" logs
  • Issue of inconsistency between rule status and import configuration after rule import
  • Using non-existent httppull lookuptable address, the rule still runs normally
  • Kafka sink writes to multiple partitions when the same key pub is used
  • Add multiple points at one time, and when adding descriptions, all become the last edited content.
  • After the northbound application is stopped, the trans_data_message statistical indicator does not return to 0
  • Incorrect display of floating point numbers on the data monitoring page


Release Date: 2024-04-26


  • Focas driver supports more function
  • SECS/GEM driver tag resolution to specific values
  • Inovance Modbus driver supports collecting TIME and DATA_AND_TIME data types
  • Siemens S7 driver supports collecting DATA_AND_TIME data type
  • Modbus driver configuration items support configuration endian
  • Modbus driver configuration items support configuring the starting address 0 or 1
  • Added file upload function
  • Optimize the creation page of northbound node
  • Optimize sources, extensions and configuration pages
  • The default log collection level is adjusted to error
  • Add some SQL examples
  • When creating a rule, generate a random Rule ID
  • When copying drivers and rules, a default name is generated
  • Adjust the operation position of rule status statistics
  • On the southbound driver data statistics page, the timestamp of the collection error information is displayed as local time.
  • Remove clock check for trial license
  • NeuronEX server optimizes 100-continue response
  • MQTT sink password is hidden and not displayed


  • Fixed the issue where after the rules are imported, the page needs to be refreshed to see the new rules.
  • Fixed the issue where the portable plugin list display is empty and the list interface returns data.
  • Fixed data template multi-line display error during rule testing.
  • Fixed the problem that the portable plugin re-upload function is invalid.
  • Fixed the issue where influxdb v2 line protocol selects true and submits sink error.
  • Fixed the issue where OPCUA driver bool value would fail when writing false.
  • Fixed OPCUA driver, memory growth problem.
  • Fixed cli reset password function.
  • Fixed ECP managed NeuronEX by agent being unable to use the log monitoring function


Release Date: 2024-03-18


  • Added MTConnect southbound driver.
  • Added Siemens MPI southbound driver.
  • Added Heidenhain CNC southbound driver.
  • Added import and export functionality for southbound driver.
  • Added data processing Kafka Sink.
  • Added support for calling third-party AI algorithm services.
  • Added southbound driver replication.
  • Added Single Sign-On (SSO) support.
  • Added agent connection to ECP platform.
  • Added support for Array type in OPCUA driver.
  • Optimized asynchronous read/write performance in OPCUA driver.
  • Inovance Modbus TCP driver supports AM series and AC series medium-sized PLCs.
  • Added function features to Focas driver.
  • Added support for wstring type in S7 driver.
  • Enhanced data collection plugin update, replacement, and deletion functionality.
  • MQTT, SQL, Kafka Source/Sink support for connection testing.
  • Source and Sink configurations support direct import of certificate files.
  • Redesigned and optimized UI pages.
  • Optimized southbound driver creation page.
  • Optimized rule debugging page.
  • Optimized data statistics page for drivers and rules.
  • Optimized data processing Sink configuration page.
  • Enhanced search and query functionality for multiple UI pages.
  • UI supports downloading portable plugin examples.
  • Optimized Dump file generation.
  • Adjusted built-in license functionality; data processing functionality is available, but rules will stop after 60 minutes.
  • Changed docker installation package naming convention; neuronex:latest and neuronex:3.2.0 - standard installation packages include Python basic environment, while neuronex:3.2.0-slim lightweight version does not include Python environment.
  • Removed southbound driver template functionality.


  • Fixed an issue where the default timeout for Mitsubishi drivers was too short, causing abnormal disconnection when the data volume was large.
  • Fixed an issue where the .so file and .json file did not match when uploading plugins.
  • Fixed an issue where the connection status of Mitsubishi PLC 3E was inaccurate.
  • Fixed an issue where spaces and carriage returns were transmitted to the backend in rule debugging data templates.


Release Date: 2024-03-06


  • Increased the data tag name length limit to 128 bits.
  • Added support for single-point and multi-point reading and writing in the Inovance Modbus TCP driver's I address area.
  • Modified the default byte order in the Inovance Modbus TCP driver to match with the device.
  • Enhanced OPC UA asynchronous read and write performance.
  • Added support for Q/M named address input specification in the S7 driver.


  • Fixed abnormal disconnection issue in the Mitsubishi driver when handling large amounts of data.
  • Fixed error 3008 in the 104 protocol.
  • Addressed the problem of excessive dump file generation.


Release Date: 2024-01-12


  • Added Redis source.
  • Optimized the log monitoring page.
  • Implemented password change validation to ensure old and new passwords cannot be the same.
  • Added filter search and pagination for the North Apps page and North Group List page.
  • Stored ECP related data (liveness, syslog, password) into SQLite.
  • Set the runImmediately option to true by default when creating a rule.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed SQL database password validation error.
  • Fixed node/group display error in Data Monitoring page.
  • Fixed error that occurred when creating rules while rule testing is in progress.
  • Fixed hexadecimal writing data tag error.
  • Fixed TLS certificates validation error.
  • Fixed rule exception for multiple operators.
  • Fixed syslog body validation.
  • Fixed eKuiper liveness check when setting log level.
  • Fixed liveness report to ECP not working except reboot NeuronEX.


Release Date: 2023-12-22


  • Support for Centos 7, Ubuntu 18.04 and Debian-10 operating systems

  • Support for ARM V7

  • Support for RPM and DEB installation

  • Support for Inovance Modbus TCP southbound driver

  • Support for HOSTLINK southbound driver

  • Support for adding and replacing southbound and northbound drivers

  • The driver template adds the Interval field of group

  • New source in the data processing module: HTTP Pull, HTTP Push, SQL, File, Video, Simulator

  • New sink in the data processing module: REST, SQL, InfluxDB V1, InfluxDB V2, File

  • Added rule testing function

  • Optimize Add Sink page

  • Optimize rule options UI and Sink configuration UI

  • Optimize the configuration process between data collection and data processing modules

  • NeuronEX logs, metrics, alarms support docking with ECP

  • Add log monitoring

  • Support for downloading single southbound and northbound driver log

  • Support for downloading data processing module log

  • Support for starting and stopping data processing module

  • UI displays system architecture information

  • Support for command line to reset login password

  • Optimize NeuronEX storage directory


Release Date: 2023-11-3


  • Added configuration function to limit the size and quantity of log files.

  • Added the function of modifying the log level, and added the log configuration function on the page.

  • Added password restrictions when changing passwords on the UI page.


  • Fixed log-related issues such as garbled logs and format errors.


Release Date: 2023-10-24


  • Realize functional integration of data collection and data stream processing

  • Added unified authentication service

  • Added unified API

  • Added support for syslog service (Support syslog server)

  • Added support for yaml format configuration files

  • Added support for environment variables and command line settings to run

  • Added support for large-scale hardware bundling license distribution

  • Added floating license

  • Optimize front-end display