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Source is used to read data from external systems. NeuronEX supports loading data sources into three modes: Stream, Scan Table, and Lookup Table.

General data sources can be loaded as Stream. Tables (including Scan table and Lookup table) are methods of retaining a large amount of data status, and are generally used in combination with Stream , to cope with complex processing scenarios.


When using Rule, at least one source must be a Stream.

Data source type

Currently NeuronEX has the following built-in data source types and the loading modes they support:

source typeDescriptionStreamScan TableLookup Table
NeuronRead data from NeuronEX's data collection module
MQTTRead data from MQTT topic
HTTP pullPull data from HTTP server
HTTP pushPush data to NeuronEX via HTTP
MemoryRead data from the NeuronEX memory to form a rule pipeline
SQLQuery data from the database
FileRead data from a file
VideoQuery data from video stream
SimulatorGenerate simulated data for testing
RedisRead data from Redis

Define and run

In NeuronEX, after creating a stream or table on the Sources page, it actually only creates a logical definition of a data source rather than a real data input for physical operation. The data flow will not actually run until a rule using that data source is started.


Streams or tables created on the Sources page can be used in the from clause of SQL in multiple rules.

Users can define whether to share the data source by specifying the SHARED field when creating a Sources.

Data source decoding

Users can define the decoding method by specifying the stream format field when creating a data source (Source). Currently supports json, binary, protobuf, delimited. If you want to use a custom format, you can also choose custom.


Before the data source enters rule processing, it will be decoded first, and the decoded data will be used as the input of the rule.

data structure

NeuronEX supports structured/unstructured streams, with the default being unstructured. That is, when Sources -> Create Stream, the Whether it is a stream with structure option is not checked. For details, see [Stream Parameter Configuration](./ Parameter Configuration).