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IEC60870-5-104 is a commonly used communication protocol in power automation systems. It uses the TCP/IP protocol as the underlying communication protocol and is used to monitor and control various devices in the power system, such as substations, generators, switches, etc.

Neuron supports the acquisition of remote signaling, remote measurement, and remote pulse (electricity call) data in the form of station interrogation, and supports the control of devices through remote control.

Add Device

Go to Configuration -> South Devices, then click Add Device to add the driver. Configure the following settings in the popup dialog box.

  • Name: The name of this device node.
  • Plugin: Select the IEC60870-5-104 plugin.

Device Configuration

After clicking Create, you will be redirected to the Device Configuration page, where we will set up the parameters required for Neuron to establish a connection with the northbound application. You can also click the device configuration icon on the southbound device card to enter the Device Configuration interface.


Device IP AddressTarget device IPv4 address
Device PortTarget device port, default 2404
Common AddressASDU Address
Station Interrogation IntervalOptional, station interrogation interval
Sync Time IntervalOptional, the interval of sending sync time (C_CS_NA_1)
Remote Pulse IntervalOptional, the interval of sending remote pulse (C_CI_NA_1)
T0T0 timeout, the timeout of establishing TCP connection, unit: second
T1T1 timeout, the timeout of waiting for a response, unit: second
T2If no I frame is received within T2 time, send S frame, unit: second
T3If no I frame is received within T3 time, send test frame, unit: second
WEnable sync time (C_CS_NA_1)

Configure Data Groups and Tags

After the plug-in is added and configured, the next step is to establish communication between your device and Neuron by adding groups and tags to the Southbound driver.

Once device configuration is completed, navigate to the South Devices page. Click on the device card or device row to access the Group List page. Here, you can create a new group by clicking on Create, then specifying the group name and data collection interval.

Upon successfully creating a group, click on its name to proceed to the Tag List page. This page allows you to add device tags for data collection. You'll need to provide information such as the tag address, attributes, and data type.

The point attribute is configured as Read, which means that the point will not only regularly report the value of the data point sent by the 104 Server according to the configured Station Interrogation Interval, but also regularly report the data according to the interval of the group .

The point attribute is configured as Subscribe, which means that the point will not only regularly report the value of the data point sent by the 104 Server according to the configured Station Interrogation Interval, but also when the data point changes, Neuron will also receive the change data points, and report the data points northbound through the northbound application configuration.


Due to the real-time requirements of the 104 protocol, for points configured as Subscribe, Neuron will immediately report the changed data points to the northbound application after receiving the changes in the data points, and will not be subject to the interval of the collection group limit.


When the data points of the collection group are all configured as Subscribe type, even if there is no change in the data points, Station Interrogation will still be triggered.

The point attribute is configured as Write, which means that the point supports Neuron to actively write data to the 104 Server. Note that the read address and write address of the 104 protocol are separated. A point address is either a read point or a There is no write point that can be read and written at the same time. For specific information, please refer to the relevant documents of the 104 protocol.

Point attributes Subscribe, Read, and Write can only be configured individually.


It is recommended to configure only one point attribute in the same collection group. For example, in a collection group, only configure points with the Subscribe attribute, or only configure points with the Read attribute, or only configure Write Attribute point.

For information on general configuration items, see Connect to Southbound Devices. The subsequent section will concentrate on configurations specific to the driver.

Data Types

  • UIN8
  • INT8
  • UINT16
  • INT16
  • UINT32
  • INT32
  • BIT

Address Format




IEC60870-5-104 supports the subscription of data changes. In Neuron, you need to configure the Subscribe attribute for the tag. When the device sends the changed data to Neuron, Neuron will send the change message to the corresponding northbound application in time.


Tags that support time and quality will optionally upload the quality and time of the tag.

Use Case

You can simulate an IEC60870-5-104 device and test its connection to Neuron using the IEC 60870-5-104 Server Simulator. For specific steps, refer to IEC 60870-5-104 Server Simulator.

Data Monitoring

After completing the point configuration, you can click Monitoring -> Data Monitoring to view device information and control devices. For details, refer to Data Monitoring.