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Data Persistence

NeuronEX put all persistence data into its data directory, users can easily upgrade NeuronEX without losing configuration with the help of this directory.

Data Organization

There are three directories inside data directory like following. image

  • ekuiper: Data Processing related configuration
  • neuron: Data Collecting related configuration
  • neuronex: NeuronEX related configuration

Deployed by Docker

When deployed by docker, user can mount a directory of host into NeuronEX data directory, and all configurations made by NeuronEX will be saved into host directory, when upgrade NeuronEX, just need mount the same host directory into NeuronEX data directory, the new NeuronEX instances will use the configurations made before. And when the first time deployed, the host directory can be empty.

Like the following example, we create an empty directory in host, then we mount it into NeuronEX /opt/neuronex/data, then local empty directory will be overwritten by NeuronEX. When we upgrade NeuronEX, we can mount the host directory into /opt/neuronex/data and all configurations in host directory can be used by NeuronEX instance.

admin@Jianxiangs-MacBook-Pro /tmp % mkdir data
admin@Jianxiangs-MacBook-Pro /tmp % cd data 
admin@Jianxiangs-MacBook-Pro data % ls 
admin@Jianxiangs-MacBook-Pro data % pwd
admin@Jianxiangs-MacBook-Pro data % docker run -d --name neuronex -p 8085:8085 -v /tmp/data:/opt/neuronex/data  emqx/neuronex:latest

admin@Jianxiangs-MacBook-Pro data % 
admin@Jianxiangs-MacBook-Pro data % ls
ekuiper		neuron		neuronex
admin@Jianxiangs-MacBook-Pro data %

Deployed by binary

When deployed by binary, all configurations are saved locally into data directory for NeuronEX. Users need copy the data directory from old NeuronEX into newer NeuronEX for upgrade.