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Data collection plugin list

Data collection plugins can be categorized into southbound driver plugins and northbound application plugins. Southbound plugins are communication drivers that implement specific protocols to access external devices. Northbound plugins are typically used to connect to cloud platforms or data stream processing modules. To achieve protocol format conversion, at least one southbound plugin and one northbound plugin are required for data transmission and collection, respectively.

After logging into NeuronEX, you can click on Data Collection -> Plugin to view the system's plugin list. You can also click the Add Plugin button in the upper-left corner to install custom plugins.

View Available Plugin Modules

The plugin management page displays all available pluggable modules and detailed information, including the plugin name, associated node type, and description. As shown in the figure below, you can select plugins for northbound applications or southbound devices from the drop-down menu.

Plugin types include:

  • System: Non-removable, comes with the software.
  • Custom: Removable, developed by users or custom developers.

Add New Pluggable Modules

On the plugin page, click the Add Plugin button in the upper-left corner to upload the plugin file.

For specific plugin development tutorials, please refer to the SDK Tutorial.

Replace Existing Plugin Modules

On the plugin page, click the Replace button on each plugin card to upload the local plugin file.

For specific instructions on replacing and updating plugins, please contact the EMQ business team.

Southbound Plugin List

Global Standards

Protocol Name
Communication Interface
Modbus TCPEthernet-
Modbus RTUSerial port-
Modbus RTU over TCPEthernet-
Modbus AsciiSerial port-
OPC UAEthernet-
OPC DAEthernet-
CIP Ethernet/IPEthernet-
Profinet IOEthernet-
SECS GEM HSMSEthernetSemiconductor Industry Protocol

PLC Drivers

Protocol Name
Communication Interface
Siemens S7 ISO TCPEthernetconnect to Siemens S200、S200smart、S1200、S1500 PLC
Siemens S7 ISOTCP for 300/400Ethernets7-300/400
Siemens MPISerial portConnect to devices that support Siemens MPI protocol
Siemens S5 FetchWriteEthernetconnect to Siemens PLCs with network expansion module CP443
Allen-Bradley DF1Serial port-
Allen-Bradley CIP EtherNet/IPEthernet-
Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5500Ethernet-
Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1400Ethernet-
Schneider PLC Modbus RTUSerial port-
Schneider PLC Modbus TCPEthernet-
Inovance PLC Modbus TCPEthernetconnect to Inovance PLC
XINJE PLC Modbus RTUSerial portconnect to XINJEXC/XD/XL series PLC
ABB COMLISerial portconnect to ABB PLC
Omron Host LinkSerial portconnect to Omron PLC with HostLink Cmode
Omron FINS on TCPEthernetconnect to Omron PLC with FINS TCP
Omron FINS on UDPEthernetconnect to Omron PLC with FINS UDP
Mitsubishi 1EEthernetconnect to Mitsubishi A series、FX3U、FX3G、iQ-F series PLC
Mitsubishi 3EEthernetconnect to Mitsubishi Q series(MC)、iQ-F series(SLMP)and iQ-L series PLC
Mitsubishi FXSerial portconnect to Mitsubishi FX0、FX2、FX3 series PLC
Panasonic MewtocolEthernetconnect to Panasonic FP-XH、FP0H series PLC
Beckhoff ADSEthernetconnect to Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC
Keyence CIP Ethernet/IPEthernet-
Keyence MC ProtocolEthernetMitsubishi MC Protocol
Delta Modbus TCPEthernetconnect to Delta DVP series、AS series PLC
KUKA Ethernet KRL TCPEthernetconnect to Kuka Devices
GE SRTPEthernetAccess GE PLC devices that support SRTP protocol through TCP protocol.
MTConnectEthernetAccess devices installed with MTConnect Agent through the HTTP protocol.
Codesys V3EthernetCodesys V3 platform


Protocol Name
Communication Interface
DL/T645-1997Serial portChina Electric Power Instrument Standard
DL/T645-2007Serial portChina Electric Power Instrument Standard
IEC 60870-5-101Ethernet/Serial port-
IEC 60870-5-102Ethernet/Serial port-
IEC 60870-5-103Ethernet/Serial port-
IEC 60870-5-104Ethernet-
IEC 61850Ethernet-

Building Automation

Protocol Name
Communication Interface
BACnet IPEthernet-
KNXnet IPEthernet-


Protocol Name
Communication Interface
Fanuc Focas EthernetEthernetconnect to Fanuc 0i, 30i, 31i, 32i and 35i series CNC
Mitsubishi CNCEthernetconnect to M70、M80、M700、M800、E70 series CNC
Heidenhain CNCEthernetconnect to Heidenhain TNC640, iTNC530 and others through the LSV2 protocol

Northbound Plugins

Protocol NameRemark
MQTT SparkplugB-
Azure IOTconnect to Azure IoT Hub
AWS IOTconnect to AWS IoT Core
eKuiperpush data to data processing module