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Performance Testing

本章节主要提供 NeuronEX 软件在数据采集、数据处理等各个功能的性能测试指标,在测试过程中持续监控软件运行稳定性,数据处理的成功率,CPU,内存,网络 IO 情况等,旨在帮助用户在使用 NeuronEX 时合理的评估系统资源,最终确保 NeuronEX 能够平稳、高效地运行。


This chapter mainly provides the performance test in various functions such as data collection and data processing. During the test, the software operation stability, data processing success rate, CPU, memory, network IO status, etc. are continuously monitored to help users reasonably evaluate system resources when using NeuronEX, and ultimately ensure that NeuronEX can run smoothly and efficiently.

For specific performance tests, please check the following pages: