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StreamScan table

The NeuronEX data processing module can generate simulation data through the Simulator type of data source and provide a test data source when creating or updating rules.

Create stream

Log in to NeuronEX and click Data Processing -> Source. On the Stream Management tab, click Create Stream.

In the pop-up Source/Create page, enter the following configuration:

  • Stream Name: Enter the stream name

  • Whether the schema stream: Unchecked.

  • Stream Type: Select simulator

  • Configuration key: You can edit and use the default configuration key, or click to add a configuration key and make the following settings in the pop-up dialog box.

    • Name: Enter the configuration key name.
    • Loop: If set to true, multiple pieces of json data defined in data will be sent in a loop.
    • Interval: The time interval (milliseconds) between sending requests.
    • Message: Customize json format message content and support defining multiple json messages.
  • Stream format: supports json, binary, protobuf, delimited, custom. Select json format.

  • Shared: Check to confirm whether to share the source.