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IEC61850 is an international communication standard protocol that achieves station-wide communication uniformity through a series of standardization of devices. IEC61850 is widely used in the power industry.

The MMS message specification is applied between the IEC61850 standard station control layer and the interval layer. MMS achieves interoperability between different manufacturing devices in a network environment through an object-oriented modeling approach to the actual devices.

The IEC61850 plug-in is used for read/write to the IEC61850 server and currently supports access to the MMS protocol.

Add Device

Go to Configuration -> South Devices, then click Add Device to add the driver. Configure the following settings in the popup dialog box.

  • Name: The name of this device node.
  • Plugin: Select the IEC61850 plugin.

Device Configuration

After clicking Create, you will be redirected to the Device Configuration page, where we will set up the parameters required for Neuron to establish a connection with the northbound application. You can also click the device configuration icon on the southbound device card to enter the Device Configuration interface.

Device IP AddressTarget device IP
Device PortTarget device port, Default 102
Local AP TitleACSE AP-Title of this device as string (default = '1,1,1,999')
Local AE QualifierACSE AE-Qualifier of this device (default = 12)
Local P SelectorLocal PSAP-Address (PSAP = Presentation Service Access Point, default = 1)
Local S SelectorLocal SSAP-Address (SSAP = Session Service Access Point, default = 1)
Local T SelectorLocal TSAP-Address (TSAP = Transport Service Access Point, default = 1)
Remote AP TitleACSE AP-Title of remote device as string (default = '1,1,1,999.1')
Remote AE QualifierACSE AE-Qualifier of remote device (default = 12)
Remote P SelectorRemote PSAP-Address (PSAP = Presentation Service Access Point, default = 1)
Remote S SelectorRemote SSAP-Address (SSAP = Session Service Access Point, default = 1)
Remote T SelectorRemote TSAP-Address (TSAP = Transport Service Access Point, default = 1)
Authentication EnabledWhether to enable Authentication
Authentication MethodSet authentication method if authentication is enabled, values: Password/None
Authentication PasswordSet authentication password if authentication is enabled

Configure Data Groups and Tags

After the plug-in is added and configured, the next step is to establish communication between your device and Neuron by adding groups and tags to the Southbound driver.

Once device configuration is completed, navigate to the South Devices page. Click on the device card or device row to access the Group List page. Here, you can create a new group by clicking on Create, then specifying the group name and data collection interval.

Upon successfully creating a group, click on its name to proceed to the Tag List page. This page allows you to add device tags for data collection. You'll need to provide information such as the tag address, attributes, and data type.

For information on general configuration items, see Connect to Southbound Devices. The subsequent section will concentrate on configurations specific to the driver.

Data Types

  • INT8
  • UINT8
  • INT16
  • UINT16
  • INT32
  • UINT32
  • INT64
  • UINT64
  • BOOL

Address Format

Logical Devices/Logical NodesFCDO$DA

Example Addresses

AddressData TypeDescription

Use Case

You can access the LibIEC61850 server through the Neuron IEC61850 plugin. For specific steps, refer to libiec61850.

Data Monitoring

After completing the point configuration, you can click Monitoring -> Data Monitoring to view device information and control devices. For details, refer to Data Monitoring.