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Data monitoring

Data monitoring dashboard

Click Data Monitoring on the left, select the southbound device and group name, and view the point values.


  • Southbound device: Select the southbound device you want to view, for example, select the created device modbus-tcp-1;
  • Group name: Select the group under the southbound device you want to view, for example, select the created group group-1;
  • Data monitoring displays values in groups, and the page will display the read value of each tag in the group.

Control device

NeuronEX provides the ability to control device through southbound drivers. Instructions can be issued to the device through the following various channels:

  • Data stream processing module for NeuronEX
  • Other third-party applications
  • IIoT platform
  • Cloud platform applications

There are three ways to send commands to the device:

Monitoring dashboard data writing

When the point has a write attribute, the Tag on the data monitoring interface will have a write operation. Click Write to realize reverse control of the device. For example, modify the value of the 1!40001 point address with write attribute, as shown in the figure below.


  • Click the Write button at the end of the tag whose value you want to change;
  • Select whether to input in hexadecimal mode, or not;
  • Enter the new value of the label, for example, 123;
  • Click the Submit button to submit the new value.


This point in the device must also have a writable attribute, otherwise the writing cannot be successful.

Check whether the device point value is modified successfully

Open the Modbus simulator and check whether the point value changes, as shown in the figure below.