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InfluxDB Sink

The sink will write the result into InfluxDB V1.


Connection properties:

Property nameOptionalDescription
addrfalseThe addr of the InfluxDB
usernametrueThe InfluxDB login username
passwordtrueThe InfluxDB login password
databasefalseThe database of the InfluxDB
certificationPathtrueThe certification path. It can be an absolute path, or a relative path. If it is an relative path, then the base path is where you executing the kuiperd command. For example, if you run bin/kuiperd from /var/kuiper, then the base path is /var/kuiper; If you run ./kuiperd from /var/kuiper/bin, then the base path is /var/kuiper/bin.
privateKeyPathtrueThe private key path. It can be either absolute path, or relative path, which is similar to use of certificationPath.
rootCaPathtrueThe location of root ca path. It can be an absolute path, or a relative path, which is similar to use of certificationPath.
insecureSkipVerifytrueIf InsecureSkipVerify is true, TLS accepts any certificate presented by the server and any host name in that certificate. In this mode, TLS is susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks. The default value is false. The configuration item can only be used with TLS connections.

Write options:

Property nameOptionalDescription
MeasurementfalseThe measurement of the InfluxDb (like table name)
TagstrueThe tags to write, the format is like {"tag1":"value1"}. The value can be dataTemplate format, like {"tag1":"{{.temperature}}"}
FieldstrueThe fields to write, the format is like ["field1", "field2"]. If fields is not set, all fields selected in the SQL will all written to InfluxDB.
PrecisionfalseThe precision of the timestamp. Support ns, us, ms, s. Default: ms.
Timestamp Field NametrueThe field name of the timestamp. If set, the written timestamp will use the value of the field. For example, if the data has {"ts": 1888888888} and the tsFieldName is set to ts, then the value 1888888888 will be used when written to InfluxDB. Make sure the value is formatted according to the precision. If not set, the current timestamp will be used.

Other common sink properties including batch settings are supported. Please refer to the sink common properties for more information.


  • The data format after SQL processing is as follows:
  • InfluxDB V1 Sink Configuration
  • InfluxDB Results