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Connect to Cogent

Cogent, an advanced artificial intelligence and data analytics software platform designed to unlock the power of data-driven decision-making. With its cutting-edge AI capabilities, Cogent enables businesses to extract valuable insights from diverse datasets, identify patterns, and make informed decisions.

Install Cogent

  1. Download the CogentDataHub installation package from the official Cogent website and install it according to the official documentation.

  2. Start an EMQX broker instance locally with the start command:

    ./bin/emqx start
  3. Right-click on the Cogent icon in the system tray to open Cogent DataHub.

  4. Open MQTT Broker and deselect Enable MQTT Broker.

  5. Open MQTT Client, select Enable MQTT client connections, click Add button to add a new connection, select Sparkplug B, set Type to Non-primary application, set Host Name/IP to localhost and Port to 1883. cogent1cogent2

Configure Neuron

Southbound Device

This section assumes that the southbound OCP UA plugin has been installed, the group and point configurations are complete, and communication with Neuron functions normally. For details on the installation and configuration of the OCP UA plugin, refer to the OCP UA section.

Northbound Application

  1. Add a Sparkplug B application to the Neuron Northbound Application Manager.

  2. Fill in the Client ID, Group ID, Node ID, Server Address and Server Port in Application Configuration, click Submit and start the connection. ignition2

  3. Add the Southbound devices and Groups to the Group list that you want to subscribe to. ignition3

View Data Forwarding

Click the View Data button on the Cogent DataHub main interface to see the test data being uploaded instantly. cogent3