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Incompatible Changes in EMQX 5.5


  • Refactored and divided the MQTT data bridge management in EMQX to offer a more flexible and efficient management approach. Operations previously managed through the /bridges API have now been split across three separate APIs: /connectors, /actions, and /sources. This division allows for more granular control and management of each component of the MQTT data bridge, enhancing system flexibility and usability.

    For configurations from older versions, users must manually migrate by following the configuration instructions in Bridge with Other MQTT Services. This migration process may require some time and effort, but users can benefit from the enhancements brought by the new version once completed.

  • #12283 Fixed the resource_opts configuration schema for the GCP PubSub Producer connector so that it contains only relevant fields. This affects the creation of GCP PubSub Producer connectors via HOCON configuration (connectors.gcp_pubsub_producer.*.resource_opts) and the HTTP APIs POST /connectors / PUT /connectors/:id for this particular connector type.