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Incompatible Changes in EMQX 5.6


  • #12576 Starting from 5.6, the "Configuration Manual" document will no longer include the bridges config root.

    A bridge is now either action + connector for egress data integration, or source + connector for ingress data integration. Please note that the bridges config (in cluster.hocon) and the REST API path api/v5/bridges still works, but considered deprecated.

  • #12634 Triple-quote string values in HOCON config files no longer support escape sequence.

    The detailed information can be found in this pull request. Here is a summary of the impact on EMQX users:

    • EMQX 5.6 is the first version to generate triple-quote strings in cluster.hocon, meaning for generated configs, there is no compatibility issue.
    • For user hand-crafted configs (such as emqx.conf) a thorough review is needed to inspect if escape sequences are used (such as \n, \r, \t and \\), if yes, such strings should be changed to regular quotes (one pair of ") instead of triple-quotes.