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In EMQX, Dashboard is a web-based graphic interface to manage and monitor EMQX and connected devices in real time.

For example, configure a listener for EMQX Dashboard for accepting all incoming connections.

dashboard {
  listeners {
    http {
      bind = ""
      max_connections = 512


  • swagger_support = true is to enable all swagger-related features such as generating the Swagger API documentation. By default, its value is always true, and you can set the value to false to disable it.
  • bind = "" is to set the network address and port number that the listener will bind to. In this case, the listener will bind to all available network interfaces ( on port 18083.
  • max_connections = 512 is to set the maximum number of concurrent connections that the listener will accept. In this case, the maximum number of connections is set to 512.

EMQX has offered more configuration items to serve customized needs better. For details, see Configuration Manual.


To add a listener via Dashboard, click Management -> **Listeners **on the left navigation menu of the Dashboard. Once you configured these items with the Dashboard, your settings will override the same configuration items in emqx.conf.