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EMQX Product Roadmap

2023 Roadmap

  • Flow Designer for Data Integrations in EMQX Dashboard
  • New Webhook
  • Session persistence with RocksDB
  • New authorization mechanisms for clients
    • Control permissions on QoS and Retain flags
    • Support OAuth 2.0 authorization
  • Operations (DevOps) and observability improvements
    • OpenTelemetry & Datadog Integration
    • End-to-end tracing of MQTT packets
    • Expose additional metrics

Future Versions

  • Cross-datacenter Cluster Linking support
  • Multi-cloud clusters
  • Global Multi-Region Geo-Distributed clusters
  • Elixir releases by default
  • Use QUIC protocol for backplane traffic
  • Support functions in other languages and external runtimes in Rule Engine (e.g. JS, Python)