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Administration Guide

This Administration Guide is designed to assist administrators and operators in effectively managing and maintaining EMQX. In this chapter, you can explore various administrative tasks and learn comprehensive instructions and best practices to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your EMQX deployments. Main contents in this chapter include:

  • The configuration file parameters and configuration manual provide you with basic information about the configuration file, configuration options, and references for detailed configurations.
  • Command Line Interface introduces various startup and management commands supported by EMQX.
  • EMQX Dashboard provides a comprehensive introduction to the built-in management console in EMQX. You will learn how to manage and monitor EMQX clusters, configure various features, and utilize the required functionalities.
  • Rate Limit explains how to avoid system overload by configuring rate limiters for connection and messaging speed, ensuring system stability.
  • Log and Observability introduces metric observation and monitoring features in EMQX, facilitating system monitoring and debugging.
  • Backup and Restore guides you on how to back up and restore EMQX data.
  • Plugins and Extensions help you extend the functionality of EMQX by developing plugins.
  • Telemetry explains how to share your usage information by enabling telemetry to help improve the product.