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Event History (Beta)

Event History (Beta) is a value-added service provided by the EMQX Platform. It records the client or message events, providing in-depth data insights for MQTT connections. This page introduces how to enable and use the Event History (Beta).

Beta Disclaimer

Event History (Beta) is offered for free, and customers can choose to use this feature at their discretion. The Beta Version may not be supported and is subject to change at any time without notice. The Beta Version does not represent the final product and may contain bugs that could cause failures and data loss.


The Event History service provides the following benefits.

  • For Troubleshooting: Users can examine past events, events such as "Disconnected", "Session Expiry", "Message Drop" etc., enabling them to troubleshoot issues and get insights into potential causes.
  • For Compliance and Regulation: In many industries, such as healthcare or manufacturing, there are regulatory requirements for maintaining a detailed record of system activities. Event history ensures compliance with these regulations by providing a comprehensive audit trail of all relevant events.
  • For Device Behavior Analysis: Event history can assist in analyzing the device behavior of the IoT system. By examining timestamps and event details, developers can pinpoint the weakness for optimization or improvement.

Enable Event History (Beta)


In the Beta phase, Event History is only available to the v5 Dedicated Deployment in AWS - Virginia. Make sure to create a valid deployment before you start.

  1. On the deployment page, expand the Diagnose from the left navigation menu.
  2. Click Event History (Beta). On the initial page, click Enable Event History.
  3. Follow the enabling procedure to enable the value-added service.

View Events

After enabling the service, you can view client events and message events in their respective tabs. You can filter events by a specific time period and search for events by Client ID and event type.


In the Description column of the displayed event list, it shows the details about the events.


Event Type List

The following table lists the event types that can be recorded and when they are triggered.

EventTrigger Time
Client ConnectWhen the broker receives the connection packet from the client.
Client ConnectedWhen client authentication is completed and successfully connected to the broker.
Client DisconnectedConnection layer of the client is ready to close.
Client SubscribeAfter receiving the subscription message.
Client UnsubscribeAfter receiving the unsubscribe packet.
Client ConnackWhen the broker is ready to issue a connection response message.
Session CreatedWhen a client connected is completed and a new session is created.
Session TakenoverAfter the session was terminated due to takenover.
Session SubscribedAfter the subscription operation is completed
Session UnsubscribedAfter the unsubscription operation is completed.
Session Resumedwhen client connected is executed and the old session information is successfully resumed.
Session DiscardedAfter the session was terminated due to discarded.
Session TerminatedAfter the session was terminated due to other reasons.
Message DroppedMessage drops when the message queue becomes full or when messages expire.