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Platform API

This section introduces the EMQX Platform API functionality for TLS certificate management and how to create and manage the platform API key for secure access control.

API Function

Currently, the EMQX Platform supports TLS certificate management API. More platform-level APIs will be supported in the future.

APIDeployment TypeDescription
TLS Certificate ManagementEMQX v5 deployment and v4 (4.4.x) deployment created under the Platform accountManage the lifecycle of TLS certificates for a specified deployment.

Create and Manage Platform API Key

Platform API Keys provide access management at the Platform level. You can create and manage Platform API Keys under a Main or Administrator account. Accounts with other roles cannot create or manage Platform API Keys.

  1. Log in to the EMQX Platform with your account.

  2. Click the User icon in the upper right corner and select Platform API Key to access the Platform API Key page.


  3. Click Create New Key. Enter a description in API Key Description. Click Create Platform API Key.

  4. Select the functionality scope. Currently, only TLS Certificate Management is supported. Select the project scope according to your needs. The API can be used within the selected projects. Click Next.

  5. Store the API key and secret safely. Click Confirm and Return.

Now you have created the Platform API key. You can click the key to modify the API info and scope. You can also delete the API key by clicking the deleting icon on the page.