# Metric

EMQX Cloud provides four incremental metrics: messages, client, packets, and delivery. You can view the display chart corresponding to each indicator, and the detailed information at a certain point of time.


# Message

It shows the incremental status of message sending and receiving in a certain period of time. The following 3 metrics are provided:

messages_droppedThe total number of messages discarded before forwarding to the subscription process in EMQX
messages_receivedNumber of messages received from the client
messages_sentNumber of messages sent to the client


# Client

Shows the incremental situation of interaction with the client in a certain period of time. The following 4 metrics are provided:

client_connectedNumber of successful client connections
client_disconnectedNumber of client disconnections
client_subscribeNumber of client subscriptions
client_unsubscribeNumber of client unsubscriptions


# Packets

It shows the increment of the number of bytes sent and received during the time period. The following 2 metrics are provided:

send_kibibytesKilobytes of sent packet
received_kibibytesKilobytes of received packet


# Delivery

It shows the increment of the number of discarded messages within a time period, and provides the following one indicator:

delivery_droppedNumber of message dropped when sending
delivery_dropped_queue_fullNumber of message dropped when the message queue is full


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