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Taxation by Region

The region for taxation purposes is determined by your billing address.

If your billing address is within the United States (USA), sales tax will be assessed and collected according to the rules and regulations of each state.

If your billing address is outside the United States (USA), such as the regions listed below, EMQX Platform applies VAT/GST charges to your purchases. However, if you provide a valid VAT/GST ID, you will be exempt from VAT/GST charges (except for customers in Germany). By entering a VAT/GST ID, you confirm that you are a VAT/GST registered business.

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • European Union (EU)
  • India
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Singapore


If your billing address is in Germany, EMQX Platform always charges VAT, even with a valid VAT ID Number.

Tax ID types

If you are located in one of the listed countries, please enter the specific type of Tax ID. By providing your VAT/GST ID, you will avoid any additional tax charges. If you are unable to provide a VAT/GST ID or if we are unable to verify it, you will be subject to taxes as mandated by your country's tax regulations. If you have a different type of Tax ID that doesn't match the default type, contact us and get help.

CountryTax ID DescriptionExample
AustraliaAustralian Business Number (AU ABN)12345678912
BrazilBrazilian CNPJ number01.234.456/5432-10
BulgariaEuropean VAT numberBG0123456789
CanadaCanadian BN123456789
HungaryEuropean VAT numberHU12345678912
JapanJapanese Corporate Number1234567891234
MalaysiaMalaysian FRP number12345678
RussiaRussian INN1234567891
SingaporeSingaporean GSTM12345678X
SlovakiaEuropean VAT numberSK1234567891
SpainEuropean VAT numberESA1234567Z

You can find out other supported Tax IDs here. Fill in the VAT/GST ID with the corresponding ID. For example, if your registered business is in Hong Kong, enter the Hong Kong BR number with 8 digits.

Tax Rates

We will calculate the taxes based on your billing address and whether you have filled in your VAT/GST ID. If you have further questions, please contact us by email at